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Immediate Benefits provided by "Schematic on the Fly"®

We sometimes hear the comment "How can you get a circuit from a database without drawing it, it sounds too good to be true?" This is exactly what "Schematic on the Fly"® does.

The user enters data into our Database, "Schematic on the Fly"® reads the database and draws block circuits - without any additional work or drawing by the user! The benefits of this are truly remarkable.

Below are just some of the immediate benefits and advantages obtained by using "Schematic on the Fly"®:

Provides the complete solution Cable Management for everyone
Instant Local Knowledge Instant Project Documentation
Schematic on the Fly"® can't be Wrong! Roving or Phone Global Support/Help Desk
No confusing Cable Schedules or Lists Locate and repair faults quickly using the Equipment Locator
Locate and repair faults quickly using the Cable Locator Instant Construction and Maintenance Schedules
Tools to speed up Fault finding View on PC or paper
Ideal Training Tool Always available

• Provides the complete solution.
  Imagine trying to locate a fault by following Cabel Labels alone, you have to go behind a rack or worse still to another room, floor or building to read the label on a cable. With "Schematic on the Fly"® there is no need to leave your current location to determine a cable's connections, just "point and click".
"Schematic on the Fly"® makes fault finding simple by eliminating wasted time behind racks, in cable risers and crawling underneath desks.

Cabel Labels solve the "back of the rack" half of the problem, "Schematic on the Fly"® solves the "front of the rack" half of the problem" making a complete solution!

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• Cable Management for everyone.
  "Schematic on the Fly's"® "point and click" interface makes it suitable for any user, even those new to Databases or Computers.

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• Instant Local Knowledge.
  "Schematic on the Fly"® supplies local knowledge to people so they achieve instant results, even in areas where their "local/system knowledge" is limited.

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• Instant Project Documentation.
  A major part of every project is documentation, the most important type is "as built documentation" which details the actual system, not that which was proposed or planned. "Schematic on the Fly"® creates "as built documentation" by default, so when the project is complete so is the documentation.

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• "Schematic on the Fly"® can't be Wrong!
  "Schematic on the Fly"® is not a stored image of a System; it is created by examining the Database in "real time", thus it draws the Equipment and Cables as they are at that moment. As Equipment, Cables and Connections added, deleted or changed, "Schematic on the Fly"® remains correct.

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• Roving or Phone Global Support/Help Desk.
  With "Schematic on the Fly"® you don't have to be in the same room or country to provide assistance. The Help Desk directs someone to perform tasks and report the results. "Schematic on the Fly"® is used to assess the results and determine the next step in the sequence.

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• No confusing Cable Schedules or Lists
  "Schematic on the Fly"® provides a 100% visual representation of a system's Equipment, Cables and Connections.

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• Locate and repair faults quickly using the Equipment Locator.
  Schematic on the Fly's® Equipment Finder shows all the Equipment contained in the Database. Select the Equipment and "Schematic on the Fly"® will either:
   • Highlight the Equipment if it is in the current "Schematic on the Fly"®
   • Create a new "Schematic on the Fly"® with the Equipment highlighted.

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• Locate and repair faults quickly using the Cable Locator.
  Schematic on the Fly's® Cable Finder shows: End A Termination, End B Termination and Cable ID. Select a Cable and "Schematic on the Fly"® will either:
   • Highlight the cable if it is in the current "Schematic on the Fly"®
   • Create a new "Schematic on the Fly"® with the cable highlighted
   • If the cable has no connections, show the Single or Multiple Cable View.

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• Instant Construction and Maintenance Schedules.
  "Schematic on the Fly"® can create construction, connection and debug schedules showing Equipment and all its connections. They can be created for:
   • A specific item of Equipment.
   • The current "Schematic on the Fly"®
   • The entire Database.

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• Tools to speed up Fault finding.
  "Schematic on the Fly"® provides many instant references:
   • The Equipment Summary counts Inputs, Outputs and shows any relevant Notes.
   • The Cable Summary shows: Termination, Connector, Attributes and any relevant Notes.
   • Select the desired View and level of detail.

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• View on PC or paper.
  "Schematic on the Fly"® can be viewed on a screen, converted to PDF or sent to a printer. Databases may be e-mailed, stored locally or on servers - all options are available!

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• Ideal Training Tool.
  Training is necessary but very time consuming and expensive. "Schematic on the Fly"® can help reduce training costs in a number of ways.
   • Provide Trainees with "cut down" Databases. They cant get lost in unrelated areas.
   • Place questions in the Database they must answer.
   • Place hints and help along signal paths to guide them.

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• Always available.
  Our Systems support "Schematic on the Fly"® by:
   • Automatically starting "Schematic on the Fly"® when the Database System starts.
   • A Mode preventing changes to a Database.
   • A system to lock the Database so the Mode cannot be changed.

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