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SolutionBase® Papers

Hopefully one or more of the Papers collected here will be of interest or assist you to solve a problem. If you have an idea for a paper then contact us and we will see what we can do.


DB What There are just so many different dB ratios and types.... here are some of the most common ones we have found. Please let is know if you have one not listed here!!

Unbalancing Lines A rather long and tedious set of notes which attempts to explain how to get the correct unbalanced signal level from a balanced line....

Speed of Sound Calculations and tables of delay caused to audio by the speed of sound. Helpful to P/A people and when an audio delay turns up calibrated in metres...

Basic Bits A few basic bits of info: Colour Codes, Multipliers...

Compression Analysis An introduction to Mathematical Modeling. The example used to explain the process is "Compression in a mass storage environment". Typical applications would be: when to retire your old servers!

Maintenance Cycle An example of Mathematical Modeling applied to routine and preventative maintenace.

Spreadsheet The accompanying spreadsheet for Maintenance Cycle (above).