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SolutionBase® Briefs

SolutionBase® Briefs cover subjects using a summary approach (the opposite of SolutionBase® Papers). Hopefully one or more of the Briefs collected here will be of interest or assist you to solve a problem. If you have an idea for a Brief then contact us and we will see what we can do.


VU or PPM what a mess The quickest way to go grey: monitoring levels during production using one type of meter and having it quality checked on the other.

Link Panning A few words to help those who have never done it.

Colour Bars and 2T Pulse & Bar Is using these to test an MPEG Link (or other compression system) sensible?

A picture with White at 100% and Black at 85% Should we be surprised that it looked awful.

Waveform Monitors in a Digital Environment Not surprisingly you can often get away without one.

It cost how much to interface this! For a little time interfacing was getting simpler (and cheaper) but SD and HD has reversed that, and some are wondering why .

DV...?? Have you noticed how many tape formats start with DV? Here are a few words from one confused individual to another on this subject.

Bisect 2 angles This was a little problem we solved for someone to use in....a CAD system - NOT OURS!! It just shows how we helpful we are